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Victims injured in motor vehicle accidents that were not their fault have the legal right to pursue personal injury claims and a financial recovery of their damages. Often, this legal endeavor is complicated by at-fault parties and insurance companies that implement numerous tactics in order to dispute fault and liability and avoid paying victims the compensation they deserve. For car accident victims who were injured as passengers, however, their liability is usually not in question. In most passenger injury claims, one of the drivers involved in typically at fault. Still, that doesn’t mean compensation will be automatically or fairly granted.

At Ovadia Law Group, our Boca Raton ppassenger injury attorneys fight for victims throughout South Florida after they suffer preventable injuries and losses due to the negligence of others. If you or someone you love were hurt in a vehicle accident and were a passenger at the time, our legal team can help you navigate the personal injury claim process and pursue a full and fair recovery of your damages, including your lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

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Filing a Personal Injury Claim as a Passenger

The unique facts and circumstances involved in your accident will determine how your case will be handled. For example, passenger injury claims may be filed in connection to single-vehicle or multi-vehicle wrecks.

  • Single-vehicle accident – In most accidents involving a single vehicle, driver error will be the underlying cause. Whether a motorist was impaired at the time and caused a drunk driving accident, was distracted, disobeyed traffic laws, or was otherwise negligent, any passengers they injure can hold them liable for preventable injuries. These claims, like any other, still require victims to prove that another’s negligence more likely than not resulted in their damages. Even when a driver is not at-fault for a single vehicle wreck, passengers may have options for recovering damages if other parties were at fault, such as the manufacturer of a defective auto part, premises owners who fail to maintain safe road conditions, or others whose negligent conduct contributed to the single vehicle accident.
  • Multi-vehicle accident – In wrecks involving two vehicles, it is most often the case that one driver will be held at fault. This means injured passengers would pursue compensation from the at-fault party or, when both drivers share fault and liability, compensation from both through multiple claims. Unfortunately, injured passengers may be caught in disputes between insurers and at-fault parties that dispute liability, which can delay a settlement or verdict.

For many passengers who suffer injuries in car accidents, concerns over claims and lawsuits typically stem from pursuing legal action against someone they know and have a relationship with. It is important to remember that personal injury claims do not leave a dear friend on the hook for your damages – they are paid through the policies they have with an insurance company. Pursuing a claim not only ensures you are able to recover the financial compensation you need, but also won’t be a source of financial strain on a friend, at least fully or directly.

Passenger injury claims can also introduce difficulties when victims are related to the driver. If you were harmed as a passenger in a vehicle driven by a member of your household, for example, you may be limited in your ability to file a claim for damages. This is due to the fact that household members may be covered by the driver’s insurance and compensation limited to the parameters of the policy. However, if another driver was at fault, or partially at fault, injured passengers would be able to seek damages from that driver’s insurance.

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Although passengers are rarely ever at fault for car accidents, there are certainly legal challenges that can arise when they choose to pursue a passenger injury claim. By working with our experienced personal injury lawyers at Ovadia Law Group, you can benefit from a legal team that understands the unique challenges involved, as well as your available options for securing the compensation you deserve. We’re available to help all victims harmed as passengers, including those involved in taxi cab accidents, and wrecks involving Uber or Lyft.

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