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Unfortunately, car accidents are an incredibly common occurrence in the United States, leading the world in its rate of fatal crashes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2013, over 32,000 people died on the road, which equates to about 90 deaths per day. The majority of these accidents are largely human error and entirely avoidable. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident, you deserve experienced legal counsel to hold the responsible party accountable. At Ovadia Law Group, we are dedicated to providing the compassionate and skilled representation you need and deserve to best protect your interests and rights.

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Many of us try our best to be careful on the road, but others are not always so considerate of the safety of those whom they share the road with. If you are involved in a crash that is not your fault, you should not have to pay for the mistakes of a reckless driver. Protect yourself and file a legal claim with the assistance of an attorney.

To help take some precautions and understand more about how they can be prevented, it is important to know what the most common causes of car accidents are and how to avoid them.

1.Distracted Driving: Distracted driving has quickly become a major threat to drivers on the road, especially with the ubiquitous presence of cell phones and their tempting apps. Of course, cell phones are not the only distractions on the road. Distracted driving includes fiddling around with the radio or an mp3 player, talking to passengers, eating and drinking, reaching for something in the vehicle, grooming, applying makeup, and anything else that might detract some or all of your attention from driving. Always remember to pay attention to the road while you are driving or you might miss something and have an accident.

2.Drunk Driving: Despite the fact that everyone knows drinking and driving is unsafe and against the law, it continues to be the most dangerous causes of accidents and among the most deadly. If you plan on drinking, arrange for another method of transportation, such as a ridesharing service, taxi, or a ride from a sober friend. You are not only risking the lives of others, but your own as well when you get behind the wheel of a car while drunk.

3.Speeding: We have all been in a hurry before and likely felt tempted to push the speed limit to make it on time for something, but it is not worth the risk. Speeding is the second most common cause of accidents in the country, so why risk your life for the sake of being early or on time to an appointment. It might be important, but nothing is more important than your life. Always plan ahead to avoid being in a rush.

4.Rain: We all have errands to run, or jobs to do, and places to be, so it is unreasonable to suggest not driving in the rain. That said, we can all take safety precautions to make the drive less treacherous. Drive at a slower speed to allow yourself more time to react to anything unexpected and always make sure your windshield wipers are operating properly to ensure you always have adequate visibility.

5.Design Defects: This is one cause of car accidents that cannot always be avoided. However, you should always be aware of any recalls in the news and take your car in for regular maintenance to ensure there are no unsafe defects you are not aware of.

6.Wrong-Way Driving or Improper Turns: Sure, we are all infallible and make mistakes, but doing so while driving a vehicle can be fatal. You should always be aware of street signs and warnings of one-way streets, particularly if you are in an unfamiliar area.

7.Teen Drivers: Teenagers are inherently less experienced and therefore are lacking the skills, reaction time, and general common sense of most adult drivers, which often leads to accidents. If you have teen drivers in your household, make sure you sign them up for a defensive driving course and set up rules for them to follow. For example, do not permit them to use a cell phone while driving and limit the number of passengers they are allowed to have with them in the car.

8.Drugs: Even in cases where a drug is prescribed, one should never operate a vehicle while under the influence of a drug, regardless if the drug is recreational or not. It can affect your judgment and ability to react in time to obstacles or incidents on the road, resulting in dangerous and deadly accidents.

9.Tire Blowouts: Getting a flat while driving can cause your vehicle to swerve unexpectedly, so it is important to remain calm and try to keep control of the wheel while pulling over. If you cannot change the tire yourself, call for help.

10.Construction Sites: Constructions zones can sometimes have confusing set-ups. Make sure to follow the cones as well as possible and maintain awareness of your surroundings, especially for other drivers who might be confused. Drive slowly in these areas to prevent even minor accidents from occurring.

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After being injured in an accident, you will be faced with costly medical bills, lost wages, and possibly the loss of the ability to return to work, in addition to physical suffering. In addition to being a painful experience, this can be a stressful and overwhelming one as well. At the Ovadia Law Group, we will provide an understanding of the steps involved in a personal injury case and protect your rights and interests throughout every step of the process. You deserve compensation for your losses, injuries, and pain.

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