Why I'm Voting For Charlie Crist Over Rick Scott

Let me begin with this: I try to stay out of politics as much as possible. I don’t consider myself a Republican or Democrat. I think both parties are run by people either too far left or too far right for me.

That being said there is no way I can vote for Rick Scott and if you’re on my email list you are probably on the same boat as me.

I like to stick to the facts:
1) Rick Scott accepted a donation from an affiliate of United Automobile Insurance Company just a few days before making BIG changes to the PIP law. They were all pro-insurance with no compromises that were pro-consumer.

2) The next governor is going to appoint several Supreme Court Justices and appellate judges. These judges are going to be around for a long time and the last thing we need is more insurance defense lawyers appointed to the bench. That’s guaranteed if Rick Scott gets to make the appointments. I’d rather have Charlie Crist appoint the next wave of Judges blindfolded then let Rick Scott appoint more former insurance defense lawyers to the bench.

3) In October 1st 2007, the PIP law sunset (expired) and who was there to push the Legislature to get off its ass and re-enact this great law that helps people after they’ve been injured in a car accident?- Charlie Crist! That’s right, Charlie Crist used his leverage as Governor to get the Legislature to put their heads together and save PIP.

Now, I know that I’ve previously stated that Charlie Crist had a job with the biggest Plaintiff’s law firm on the planet and that his boss said “you got to get rid of PIP” to a news reporter back in Aug 2013. I remember saying that. But when you compare Rick Scott and Charlie Crist I’d pick Charlie Crist every time.

Now here’s something to remember when voting:
-Rick Scott pushed hard for changes in PIP including:
1. No treatment in 14 days. No coverage.
2. You need an Emergency Medical Condition or it’s $2,500.
3. No massage therapy. Doesn’t matter if it actually makes people feel better.

Sounds like something that was drafted by insurance company lawyers. Definitely not something produced by both sides of the aisle. That $100,000 from United Auto went a long way for the insurance industry.

Please join me in voting for Charlie Crist for our next Governor and let’s get Rick Scott out of Florida.


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