FCA Didn't Fight For PIP on 11-5-13

Senator David Simmons had a meeting on November 5th to discuss the repeal of PIP. He invited lobbyists from hospitals, lobbyists from insurance companies, the FCA, and anyone else who wanted to come. He gave each group three minutes to speak. Senator Simmons is the chairman of the Insurance and Banking Committee who wants to eliminate PIP and replace it with mandatory Bodily Injury coverage and mandatory hospital-only PIP coverage that would completely exclude chiropractors and independent imaging facilities.

The FCA lawyer (Paul Lambert) spoke for three minutes and you can fast forward to his speech which started at 107 minutes and ends at 110 minutes.

I transcribed his speech here for those of you who would rather read:

Thank you Mr. Chairman and members of the committee.

In light of the current pip law that discriminates against chiropractic and has the $2500 coverage limits, imposes physician fee schedules, allows pip insurers to hassle physicians, the Florida Chiropractic Association Board of Directors position is to work with the committee to develop a BI system that is fair to providers that doesn’t discriminate against any particular provider group, doesn’t impose fee schedules. What’s very important for this is to have a provision that protects the fees that a doctor earned while a BI case is proceeding. They wait 18 months to 2 years to get paid and then very frequently plaintiff’s lawyers collect the judgments, collect the settlements, and then refuse to pay the doctors or they offer pennies on the dollar for what the doctors have earned. So the doctors need to have some kind of protection to participate in this (the repeal of PIP). Now some states have solved this by adopting a lien type provision for physicians and that can be done here to protect all doctors. Also, the Board of Directors urges that in a MedPay component that covers more than just urgent care. That is provides some protection for at-fault drivers who don’t have to go to a hospital but need some in office emergency care and other people who choose to buy MedPay.

Let’s not forget that Paul Lambert is the same FCA lawyer who said this back in April: click here to find out.

If you are a member of the FCA then let them know how you feel about the FCA’s position. Their number is 407-654-3225.

Please note that I don’t have anything against Paul Lambert or the folks working for the FCA. I just want to inform my subscribers what is going on with PIP.


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