Allstate's PIP Policy

Review of Allstate’s Policy/Notice of Coverage

PASS (page 9)- Mentions 14 days

PASS (page 3)- Mentions EMC
PASS (page 10)- Quotes statute re $2500 v $10,000 correctly

PASS (page 10)- Excludes massage and acupuncture

FAIL* (not mentioned)- Mentions OPPS, NCCI, MPPR, MSSR reductions are permissible as “Medicare coding policy”

FAIL** (page 9)- Mentions that it can pay at 200% of Medicare

PASS (page 10)- Mentions subparagraph 1 and 2 correctly

Allstate can pay you the same rate as health insurance companies. Look at the paragraph on Page 9 that starts off “Where a medical provider has contracted with”.

A chiropractor can determine EMC under Allstate’s policy! Look at paragraph on Page 10 that starts off “Provided, however, a $10,000”.

*As for the “Medicare coding guidelines” portion, I believe there will be litigation over their policy language because it is not 100% clear.

**As for the 200% of Medicare portion, a judge in Broward county said that Allstate’s policy doesn’t them to reduce PIP bills to 200% of Medicare. Allstate has appealed that case.


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